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Self proclaimed traditionalist and self-proclaimed connoisseur of aesthetics, Sukriti Jiwarajka founded Chambers of Ink in an effort to inspire people to hand-write and journal again. She is an ardent believer in the therapeutic value of blank pages and the beauty of putting ink to paper. Her mission is simple – to share her passion with you.

At Chambers of Ink, we are enthusiastically trying to build a range of journals that will inspire you, not only to fill those beautiful pages with your story, but also to motivate you to fulfil your potential and reach out to your dreams. You will find our beautiful journals to be your daily unwind, your abode at the end of a long day.

About the Founder

Sukriti Jiwarajka. 25. New Delhi.

Planner. Creator. Reader. Sleeper, Stationeryholic.

Favorite Book: Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

Favorite Journal: Chamber’s Hand Picked Leather Traveler’s Bistre Journal and PaperBlanks’ Grolier Ornamentali

Favorite time to write: Evening – 7-8pm

Writing is the painting of the voice
the true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.
William H. Gass
Keep Calm & Write Something
Sukriti Jiwarajka