The What, How and Why of the Wedding Dress Journal.



What is the Wedding Dress Journal?

My Wedding Dress Journal is the only bridal planner available in India. It is a trousseau packing and wedding shopping guide for brides-to-be. It’s her assistant during her wedding shopping experience and her guide to every little detail on her trousseau list. The cover of the Wedding Dress Journal is made of a gorgeous blue satin cloth.

Why do you need it?

Because trust us, you really want to be organized for this part of your life. Its a HUGE deal.

How do you use this Planner?

The first page is about personalizing your journal and making it yours. It is dedicated to filling in basic details about your wedding. You then start on the ideas and inspiration section. These are blank pages with a couple of inspirational quotes thrown in to encourage you to find the perfect dress. These pages are left blank because it is important to conceptualize your dream dress before you actually go looking for it. You can sketch, doodle, make notes – this is your creative space.

The next section has list pages to fill in boutique names and categorize them. We thought about giving specifications like city or label type for the category but we decided against it because how you categorize your lists can vary substantially from person to person.  The categorization is left free for the user to fill in.

The journal continues into an appointments tracker with spaces dedicated for the details of every store and meeting. This is followed by a section for dress options. This is the most interesting section because it covers everything from pros and cons of shortlisted dresses and accessories to match with each outfit. This section concludes the part for the primary functions of the wedding.

The next section covers the trousseau packing which includes list pages for Indian & Western clothes, accessories, shoes, makeup and jewellery amongst a variety of other sub-headers. The journal ends with general notes for the rest of your scribbles and notes because we’re sure you have a hundred other things to plan and get sorted.

Once it’s done…

The period between the engagement and the wedding is very special for the couple. It becomes the foundation of a lifetime of companionship. A large part of that goes in preparing for the wedding. In later years the wedding dress journal becomes a nostalgic keepsake with treasured memories. It’s also very handy for reference hand-over’s to your friends next in line or your siblings.



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