The Personal Record of a Mystery Book-Binder

We recently found a mystery book-binder who can tell us a thing or two about book-binding and restoration here.

Not only does she have excellent book-binding tips and videos but she also shows her work in super-looking before/after pictures.


And no, she doesn’t disclose her name, age or place of work. We just know that she’s a girl in the United States. Here’s one where she explains in detail the restoration of  an autographed, first edition copy of Land of Nakoda, The Story of the Assiniboine Indians, by James L. Long and William Standing (1942) and here’s another detailing the restoration of Bertuchs’ Bilderbuch für Kinder.

We love her work and we think the mystery book-binder is really cool. The secrecy just adds to her charm. What do you think?

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