10 creative ways to use a journal

Because trust me, we can all do with a little bit of journaling in our lives.

   1. Daily Journal

Summarize your day, every day.

This doubles up as a daily life log, focusing on the little things. Write down the things you want to do every morning and its okay to strike out what you couldn’t complete. But I’ve realized that the things we strike out reduce a WHOLE lot over time. Basically, this will go a long way to improve overall efficiency and time management.

   2. Relationship Journal

This way you will never forget what made you fall in love in the first place. A relationship journal can be the backbone of solid, healthy partners. Chambers of Ink fan Shira Mehta (Mumbai) uses the PaperBlanks Glowing Rose to record special moments and her thoughts and feelings throughout the relationship. She says “Not only is it a great communication tool between partners but sometimes, it also helps me sort out my own mess in my head. Our relationship journal helps us through rough times”.

   3. Gratitude Journal

I cannot stress more on the importance of this one. Studies have traced a range of impressive benefits to the simple act of writing down the things for which we’re grateful—benefits including better sleep, fewer symptoms of illness, and more happiness among adults and kids alike.

    4. Recipe Journal

Perfect for people with a passion for food and experimenting.  Keeping a recipe journal can be fun and entertaining, jotting down your new ideas for recipes or improvements made to old ones.  Keeping your recipes safe in a journal means they can easily be passed through a family from generation to generation and family members can add their own ideas.  Your cooking/recipe journal also could contain reminisces, restaurant experiences and cuisines encountered on your travels.

   5. Goals Journal

Committing your goals to writing is a big first step in actually acknowledging them. Vague dreams in your head become well defined targets. Preetha Mukherjee (Kolkata) uses the PaperBlanks Rabindranath Tagore Journal as her goals diary because Tagore and his work is a great inspiration in her life. She says “Maintaining a goals diary ensures that that I spend at least some time everyday thinking about what I want and my progress in achieving it. It makes me accountable because I never want to write that I did nothing today to achieve my goal”.

   6. Everyday Inspirations Journal


This basically means that you don’t lose out on everyday things that motivate you because inspiration is everywhere and often found in unexpected places. You can write a line from the book you’re reading, or a dialogue from the movie you just saw or something you came across on the stress. Make sure you keep your eye open and don’t miss out recording moments that inspire you.

   7. Travel Journals


Oh the travellers journal. My personal favourite! The stories it holds and the secrets it keeps. Open it after years and you’re sure to spend hours reminiscing about the glorious good ol’ days. Thats why, at Chambers of Ink we’ve got a whole new section dedicated to travel journals. Stick, Stamp, Paint, Write, Draw- this one is your own playground.

   8. Doodling Journals


A perfect respite for art lovers everywhere. This is the most popular kind of journal. This one is your own creative process from page one to the end. The Paper-Oh with its lay-flat binding and smooth pages are perfect for sketching journals.

   9. Memory Journal

Writing down stories and adventures from your life will make a special family keepsake to pass down to your children, grandchildren, and will certainly be cherished by future generations.  Looking back and reading past entries will transport you back to times you might have forgotten.  We personally use journals for every family member’s milestone birthday or anniversary, for friends and family to record special messages.

   10.Family Journal


Its a great idea for everyone in the family to share one journal and to write down each one’s thoughts on the same topic. Each family or group member can also keep the journal for a certain time before passing it on. You can log weekly routines or TV times! We can get one customized for your family here.

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