Just about to ‘pop’

Chambers of Ink feels unborn right now. This is probably what parents feel like during their 8th month of pregnancy. And it does feel apt, because the idea started at the onset of the year (roller-coaster!) and guess what, we’re in month 08.  And just like the year (or a pregnancy, I presume – although taking this analogy further is making me uncomfortable right now so maybe I’ll stop), Chambers of Ink has gone through phases of triumphs, outbursts, day-dreams, frustration, euphoria, doubt, pride, neglect, satisfaction .. and I could go on!

So what in this year made me feel all that? Some other time. Here’s the low-down on me:

Sukriti Jiwarajka. 25. New Delhi. Married. Planner. Creator. Reader. Sleeper and the most relevant- Stationeryholic.

What I want to talk about is Chambers of Ink and why it’s my baby (here I go, again).

I feel romantic about hand-writing. I obsess about things that are old or beautiful, especially those that are old and beautiful. The feel of cursive hand-writing in black ink on parched paper makes me dizzy with excitement sometimes. History combined with art : I’m jumping on my bed right now. (Except I really am – there’s a lizard in my room).

Journaling is an art, one that is probably dying a slow painful death everyday and look at me : stationery-woman trying to save mankind  from itself (Picture is self explanatory – think Gotham)


So here I am,  putting everything that I love together and starting a company out of it. Chambers of Ink will be ready to pop next month. I’m nervous and I’m excited and I’m feeling a million other emotions all jumbled up .. keep in touch.

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