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Smooth Acid-Free Paper for a Pleasurable Writing Experience
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Detailed craftsmanship and intricate design
One of a kind journals
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Inspiration Is Everywhere. Carry A Notebook.

Chambers of Ink is the final authority for fine stationery in India. We bring together celebrated world brands for connoisseurs of paper who understand the value that a good journal or a smooth pen will have on their creativity. We bring inspiration for those who read, write and appreciate the finer things. Store your memories in a good book and treasure your story for life.

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Glory of Writing

Our journals are a celebration of the beauty of journing. They are hand-crafted, each one having a unique reason for its artistry. The beautiful covers will inspire you and bring back the romance of hand-writing.

Detail of Craftsmanship

We are passionate about every detail of the process involved to produce our books, the ones you can see and the ones you cannot, including the book components and the social and environmental effects of producing journals.

Inspiration of Design

We are continuously looking around us for an inspiration of design. Our journals are inspired from history, book-binding, art, literature, fashion and travel. You will live through contemporary culture and yesteryears through the diaries.